Fine Jewelry Price and Pricing

The problem with jewelry pricing is that "retailers" does, very too often, "over" markup their products. Many can go as high as 5 times of what they really paid to manufacturers. More so, many well known brand like the "House of C......" can fetch as much as 20x that costs and never be on sale. Many items that are sold at Tiffany or other Higher brand name, come from the same manufacturer that many of us supplies from. Most outsource the manufacturing of their collections. Only piece of exceptional value and high in carat weight are "home made". I would say that anything that are sold in these stores below $5000 are mass produced and out sourced. I would also considered any marketing terms used by many retailers, for example "below cost", "retailed at" and with any kind of "discounts" as such....deceit confusing marketing tools. Many also use"below wholesale"...I don't think that you can get anything at below wholesale (manufacturing cost new), but maybe "older" estate items or previously owned ones that have sometime been re-polished to look new. Even "liquidators" buy their items at cost value of the day's market pricing and they will never let things sells at below cost! The "retail" price has no weight in value of what you're buying. More precisely, 99% of sales in the jewelry retail business are no longer sold at "retail price". The only few exceptions are when you buy from a very high end Brand Name stores, like Tiffany. But you can find the same Brand and quality jewelry at some of the higher end department stores and that is where they use to their advantage, the retail pricing game. They use the price comparison of that piece they are selling as if, you were to buy it at those higher end brand name stores. They just need one piece of the same quality or of the same Brand name in their store, to use the Brand Name retail pricing on all of their stocks. Unfortunately most of the items that they carries doesn't have the "quality" anyway near what are sold at Cartier or Tiffany. Jeweler should not be allowed to use "deceit" to sell. Like in the old days, they should be trusted and always stand by, closely to the truth, of what they sell. Something bought from manufacturer for $100 at cost, should not cost buyers $500 out of pocket price. This is how it usually plays out: tagged at $1000 retail on sale with a -50% off, and a "below wholesale" cost advertising. It doesn't make senses! By keeping higher ends items out of reach due to "overpricing", "low quality" items and fakes are flooding the market. Soon any fine jewelry that doesn't have the seal of Tiffany or Cartier would be the thing of the past.